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Ladies County Competition Rules




All National County competitions must be run under

Bowls England rules and regulations


A player must enter County Competitions from their parent club. (That is the club that they were a full member of on the 30th Sept of the previous year) EXCEPT the Benevolent Triples, Senior Pairs/Singles & Duckhams. (Domestic Competitions)


In the ‘Senior Singles’ competitions, the challenger is to provide a competent marker, who need not be a County player. The marker may be the challengers’ husband/partner, IF agreed prior to the game. No opponent should be made to feel that they have to accept the husband/partner as the marker.



In ALL team competitions, the Bowls England Substitute Rule shall apply, (Rule 50,4,1 and 4.2). If the substitute plays in the County Final, it does not mean that they will automatically play in the National Championships at Leamington.



The maximum waiting time of 30 minutes must be allowed at the start of the game. Providing the 30 minutes does not take the start time past 6.30pm. If a game is scheduled to start at 6.30pm then there is no waiting time.


The 30 minute waiting time will be allowed at the start of a competition, where needed. However, the starting time for the following rounds of any competition, played on the same day, must be adhered to.


All competitors will comply with the wishes of the Competition Secretary for all competitions.



Regulation grey skirts, trousers or crops and plain white or club tops to be worn in the rounds up to and including the semi-finals.

Whites and County Shirt for all Finals

Greys with Club Shirt for Kington Shield, throughout the competition

Greys with Club Shirt for Top Club up to and including the semi-final. Whites and Club Shirt for the final.


Tights optional at all times.

White socks may be worn with trousers.

Bowling Shoes – White, Brown or Grey are permitted.

Sandals are NOT permitted for any games.

Visors – Plain white or green may be worn.

Head Gear – If worn should be predominately white or registered colour.


BOWLS – Must bear a legible stamp for 1985 or later for Duckhams or Kington Shield competitions. All other competitions bowls must have a current world bowls stamp.


STICKERS – ONE LAYER ONLY. Red for challengers, yellow for opposition. Plain red or yellow, no wording, MUST be used on set competition dates, except the Kington Shield and Top Club, when club stickers should be used. If stickers are the same colours as the opponents, opponents to change.

Stickers provided by the competition secretary.


SMOKING is NOT permitted by players during County competitions i.e. after the commencement of the match. This includes electronic cigarettes*.


ALCOHOL is NOT permitted on the green or surrounds during any competitions.

UMBRELLAS are NOT to be used on the green

MOBILE PHONES must be switched off while playing competitions.


SCORE CARDS must be signed by both skips, including time the competition finished, and then returned to the Competition Secretary.


CONCEDING A GAME - any person conceding a game must notify the County Competition Secretary and their opponent and pay their green fees**, where relevant. If a player/team concedes a game and does not notify the County Competition Secretary and their opponent, they will be disqualified from playing in that competition the following year. If a player/team concedes a game, after the first round has been played, they may be disqualified from playing in that competition the following year.***


GREENS all greens/rinks are suitable for all competitions, with the exception of Eardisland, where only rinks 2 and 3 can be used.


RINK FEES for each round are to be paid by all visiting competitors for ALL competitions (unless kindly offered by the challengers).


The following competitions will be drawn on the day:-

Two Wood Singles,

Duckham Pairs,

The Champion of Champions.



The team shall comprise of three members from any club.

The game shall comprise of two woods per player and 15 ends, with all the ends being played as the total number of shots for and against determine the eventual winners at National level.


All score cards of the eventual winners in each County are needed. Please make sure that both score cards are signed by BOTH SKIPS and handed to the Competition Secretary. (There are no points, or shots for a game given).



4 WOOD PAIRS – Green booked by the Competition Secretary and draw made on the day of the competition.

Match consists of 15 ends or 2 hours, INCLUDING SEMI-FINAL AND FINAL.

Dress – greys and club shirts throughout competition and including the final.





2 Triples per club, constitutes one team. Only one team per club permitted in the competition.

GAME is 18 ends, 3 woods per player with 2 trial ends.

Score to be taken at 18 ends and if a tie an extra end to be played by both Triples ****

Preliminary and 1st round matches on challengers green.

Semi-Final and Final will be played at Kington on set date arranged by the Competition Secretary.

DATES – three to be offered to opponents to include a week-end date.

DRESS for all rounds including the final, greys and club tops.



In preliminary rounds, Challenger to offer three dates, not in the same week, at least two weeks prior to the ‘play on’ date. Opponent(s) must respond within 48 hours.

Dates when there are County Matches or other County fixtures MUST NOT BE OFFERED.



* Revised Ladies County Meeting October 2015

**Revised as agreed at Ladies County Meeting 20th June 2016

*** Revised as agreed at Ladies County Meeting 30th January 2017

****Revised September 2018